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  1. Phil Cragg says:

    Hi Mike

    I just came across an old 45 of “I forgot what it was like”, and remember being around in The Alpine in Knightsbridge when you released it. “One for the kids” I seem to remember you saying. Remember Annie Outlaw? Happy Daze. Wonder what you’re doing now?


  2. Kais Osman says:

    …I’ve always been a fan ;-)

  3. Andy Carter says:


    It was great to meet you and Pony last night at Niki and Gavin’s wedding. Hope my Dad didn’t cause you too many problems at breakfast. Look forward to listening to more of your music and await the film.


    Andy & Alisa

  4. cheryl says:

    Hi Uncs
    How are you? i have been on your website to show you off to a friend of mine
    You have a few problems with the webpage – the gallery does not play as a slideshow and then you cannot exit that page – also you cannot get 30 second demo- there is an error on the page ( where the play button is)
    Thought you’d like to know x
    Hi from John
    Love you loads Cheryl x
    PS please sing Yellow Bird for me :) and send my love to Aunty

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